Victor Jordan

Meet Victor Jordan, CEO of Vision Media Services

“Over the past nineteen years, Victor accomplished the impossible with the Lompoc Vision newspaper. He was able to develop a working relationship with community minded citizens, regaining their trust of local media. The result has been a publication featuring “Good News” about the community, news about the events, organizations, schools and people that make Lompoc tick. Victor is one of those rare individuals who perceives a need and then acts upon it. Nothing is impossible for him. If he is not sure how to do accomplish a task, he conducts exhaustive research until he completely understands the process and can carry it through to the desired result. Victor often perceives a need before a need actually exists. He’s amazing that way!” – Dennis Headrick, past Executive Assistant at the Lompoc Valley Chamber of Commerce

In all my experiences in working with Victor: “He has displayed unusual qualities of workmanship and courtesy that make it a pleasure to do business with him.” –  Allie Kay Spaulding (Retired educator).

Victor Jordan

Born in Cambridge England, Victor came to the United States in 1964 and began attending schools in Santa Barbara County, California. Victor began his art career in 1971 at 16 as an illustrator for the Space & Missile Test Center at Vandenberg Air Force Base. In 1973, he began traveling around the United States pursuing music and art. Returning to California., continued to create portraits in both Oil & Pencil. Always with a knack for graphics, he began designing for Southern California-based periodicals and advertising agencies such as Modern Bodybuilding Magazine, Muscle & Fitness Magazine, Time Magazine, Flex Magazine, Warner Brothers, Walt Disney, among others.

In retrospect, these self-directive experiences cloaked as jobs, obstacles and adventures were the guideposts that would eventually lead Victor to unearth his destiny as Lompoc’s positive media outlet. “When a thought comes to mind, I act. I can trust my past, my knowledge… I just act,” states Jordan.

“In 2003 Jordan single-handedly founded and has continued to publish The Lompoc Vision, a local community newspaper, which promotes “Good News You Can Use.” Lompoc Vision transcends cultural and political barriers as its readers have diverse interests and backgrounds.

The publication spotlights the achievements of and gives prominence to local talent in educational, cultural, artistic, and business endeavors; promoting the positive aspects of community life.

To bring further attention to the community, Mr. Jordan founded The Lompoc Valley Tourism Guide in 2013 which promotes the city as a must-see tourist destination.”
 The City Of Lompoc

Victor Jordan

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Victor Jordan

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Victor Jordan

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The 2020 Lompoc Valley Man of the Year

The Lompoc Valley Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the 2020 Lompoc Valley Man of the Year, Victor Jordan! Victor Jordan is known as the “man about town”. Jordan has worked tirelessly to create, edit, and distribute The Lompoc Vision newspaper every month for the last 20 years — free of charge.

His smiling face is seen all over Lompoc, especially at both the Lompoc and Vandenberg Rotaries, Chamber Events, and as a Board Member for Community Partners in Caring. Jordan also produces annually The Lompoc Tourism Guide, also free to the public and full of information on all the amenities Lompoc has to offer. Along with his printed productions, Jordan also donates time as a DJ, photographer, videographer, and more, showcasing his dedication and pride of the valley he calls home.
– Lompoc Valley Chamber of Commerce

Man of the Year photo

“This is what happens when you’re fortunate enough to find the Very Best of the Best, thank you Victor Jordan, your artistry Is beyond compare!!! And huge bonus, you are truly a pure joy to work with !!! If any of you want this level of excellence in your media needs… get in line.” – Jon Stephen

Awards received include:
Certificates of Appreciation from both the Lompoc Rotary Club and the Lompoc Lions Club; Community Service Award from the Internal Revenue Service; Plaque of Appreciation from the Lompoc Boys & Girls Club, Leadership Lompoc Valley Certificate, nomination for the Lompoc Valley Peace Prize, 2015 Black History Month Local Heroes nominee, and the 2015 Lompoc Valley Economic Vitality Award, 2020 Lompoc Valley Man of the Year

Lompoc Arbor Day Celebration:

The event at 10 a.m. on Saturday, September 25,2021 honors those who have contributed significantly to the enrichment of the Lompoc community. Arbor Day is typically held in April, but was delayed this year due to COVID restrictions. Arbor Day in Lompoc is expected to be back on track again in April 2022.

The three honorees selected by the Lompoc Beautification & Appearance Commission, Victor Jordan, Patricia Nuernberg, and June Schwartz, will have trees with plaques bearing their names dedicated in honor of them in Recognition Grove. As these trees grow and mature, they become a living legacy of the esteem in which Recognition Grove honorees are held. The grove is also a way that the Lompoc community can say thank you to those who have done so much to improve quality of life in the Lompoc Valley.

Victor Jordan is the founder and publisher of the Lompoc Vision publication and Lompoc Visitors Guide, and involved community advocate.

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